Latest Details On Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy News

We’ve been following the news of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy closely since it dropped and now, we’re bringing you the latest details.


Kylie’s pregnancy news was first dropped by TMZ and since then, every major news channel/blog from E! news to CNN has featured the story. Naturally, fans flocked to the social media pages of Kylie and her famous family members to get a confirmation. Most family members have been mute on the story but older sister, Kim Kardashian tweeted about the reports on her Twitter profile saying pretty much the same thing momager, Kris Jenner said when asked about the news… Neither Kylie nor any other family member had confirmed the news to anyone.

This response left the question “Is Kylie pregnant?” open. Sure, the family has not confirmed the news but they haven’t denied it either and if Kim’s own surrogate pregnancy news is anything to go by, we know the family will eventually confirm or deny the news on their famous reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

For those who don’t know, the news broke on the internet that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were expecting their third child via surrogate. Kim and the family didn’t confirm the reports (even when asked) until the new season of their show aired. In the preview, Kim was seen breaking the news to family members (just like the internet news said).

Now, back to Kylie. We’ve been following the recent posts on her social media pages where she’s been doing a lot ofย  throwbacks (posting old pictures), and showing up in oversized clothing to either conceal a bump or promote the rumors. Whatever the case, it appears Kylie is aware of this pregnancy “rumor” and has chosen not to address it.

According to our sources, the latest on the pregnancy rumor is that Kylie is actually pregnant and plans to reveal the news with an epic nude photoshoot which will display her baby bump, following after the footsteps of her older sister, Kim Kardashian. Remember when Kim broke the internet with her nude photoshoot? Well, Kylie plans to do it even bigger! She plans on going completely nude for this photoshoot which will also reveal her bump and state her confirmation of the news clearly.

If we know anything about the Kardashians, they love EPIC reveals and Kylie is planning on making hers in an EPIC KARDASHIAN STYLE even though she’s technically a Jenner.

Kylie posted her first video since the news broke – aย YouTube video where she revealed her new lip kit colors for Fall alongside BFF, Jordyn Woods. However, we know this video was pre-recorded a while back because Kylie posted a picture of herself and Jordyn with the same outfit, hair, and makeup on her Instagram page 10 days ago!

Kylie also posted two “new” pictures of herself to promote her Kylie x Quay sunglasses collection and while we’re not sure of the exact time those photos were taken, Kylie carefully shielded her midsection in the shots.


So, watch out, guys. Kylie is going to reveal the truth about her “pregnancy rumors” soon, and it’s going to be epic!




Khloe Kardashian And Kylie Jenner Might Both Give Birth In February!

If you haven’t already heard, Khloe Kardashian is pregnant!

According to E! News, Khloe is expecting her first child with boyfriend, Tristan Thompson and both are overjoyed to be bringing new life into this world.

With the news of Khloe’s pregnancy coming just days after Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy rumors hit the internet, a lot of fans are wondering if these pregnancies were planned by the sisters.

The most interesting bit is that according to sources, Khloe is expecting her baby in February, the same month as Kylie’s reported due date! If these reports are true, then we’ll be overly excited as the children will practically be twinnies! ๐Ÿ™‚

These pregnancies are just a few weeks shy of Kim and Kanye’s surrogate’s due date and if all babies arrive as speculated, we’ll be looking forward to three new members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan come 2018!

Khloe and Tristan are yet to comment on the reports of their baby, just like Kylie is keeping silent on hers. Other members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan are also yet to comment but if we know anything about them, they’ll surely be overjoyed and supportive if these reports are true.

Just cos we’re optimists and absolutely love Koko, we believe congratulations are in order!

Kim Kardashian Responds To Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy Rumor Report!

The Kardashian-Jenner family has been silent on the news of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy since it broke on the internet last Friday. Thousands of fans have turned to the social media accounts of members of the famous family, soliciting for either a confirmation or denial of the news. Big media houses and famous blogs have made headlines out of the story, citing “sources” or “a close source to the family” as the source of their information to give credibility to their accounts.


Today, Kylie Jenner’s big sister, Kim Kardashian West, took to Twitter to address one of such reports. Harper’s Bazaar put up a story detailing Kim Kardashian’s reaction to her baby sister’s pregnancy news. They wrote an article about Kim being “surprised” at the news and even breaking down in tears. Harper’s Bazaar went ahead to tweet about the article and that’s when Kim Kardashian responded.

Harper’s Bazaar captioned their tweet… “This sounds like a very awkward conversation” and Kim replied in kind, captioning her tweet with “This sounds like a very fake story…”


Kim’s response seemed to address the account of her reaction to the news as reported by Harper’s Bazaar and not the rumor itself. With the conversation still open ended, fans went crazy asking Kimmy for a confirmation.


Kim has not responded to any of the tweets demanding a direct confirmation or denial of the pregnancy rumors, leaving the rumors open ended for future speculation.

Kim however responded to another report claiming Kylie Jenner’s dad, Caitlyn Jenner has confirmed the news of Kylie’s pregnancy. According to Kim, Caitlyn never spoke to anyone.


Kim posted another tweet to her account, this time directing her reply to those “sources” cited by the media. She says they’re “confirming” details they know nothing about. She even ended her tweet with an SMH.


The internet continues to follow the story of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy but the only thing really clear at the moment is the question… IS KYLIE JENNER PREGNANT?

Investigating Kylie Jenner’s Baby Bump… With Pictures!

Since the news of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy hit the internet, fans have been dying to know all the details. Their curiosity [and ours] have been heightened by the fact that Kylie and her famous family are neither confirming nor denying the rumors.

The internet is completely divided over the issue right now, with one group claiming she’s pregnant and even has a baby bump and the other group claiming she’s not.

Since we’re committed to bringing you everything Kylie, we decided to investigate the rumors ourselves by posting the most recent pictures of Kylie so you can decide if you see a [little] baby bump or not. We say ‘little’ because if the rumors are true, then this baby will be Kylie’s first child. The reports also claim Kylie is about four months pregnant at the moment and as a result, no one expects a very big bump from the reality star at this stage.

The first picture we’ll analyze is the 10th Anniversary shot for her famous family’s show, Keeping up with the Kardashians. In this picture, Kylie s seen wearing a form-fitting black glittery dress. There are a few things to notice in this picture. First, Kylie’s midsection looks a little protruded even in her black dress (and black is known to give wearers a slimming effect). Second, Kylie’s thighs look bigger than those of her other sisters (including Khloe and Kim). We’re not making any inferences here, just presenting the facts. You decide if you see a bump.


The second picture is from the cover of THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, where the famous family struck a pose for their show’s 10th anniversary. Kylie has her side turned to the camera and though she’s sporting high-waisted pants, we can see a slight bulge in her midsection. Follow the curve of her body and decide for yourself.


The third picture we’ll analyze is from E!’s interview with the famous family where Kylie is seen hugging a fan. She clearly has a much fuller face than her normal self and more often than not, a full face is a pregnancy red flag.

If you’re wondering “well, her face might appear fuller because it’s a close shot,” you’re not alone. We thought so initially but the fan Kylie is hugging is also in this close shot. His face doesn’t appear to be as full as Kylie’s.


Finally, Kylie’s wardrobe choices since her pregnancy rumors have predominantly been oversized t-shirts and loose-fitting apparels. Everyone knows Kylie loves her crop tops so why has she ditched them recently?

Ryan Seacrest finally got a text from momager, Kris Jenner on the Kylie Jenner pregnancy issue today but all it said was…

“Kylie is not confirming anything”

If she’s not confirming the rumors because they’re false, wouldn’t it be easy to just deny them? Apparently, Kylie doesn’t want to deny them either which leaves the question open to speculation.

Now that you’ve seen Kylie’s recent pictures and fashion choices, what’s your take? Pregnant or not? Let us know in the comments.

Love Triangle? Tyga Claims Kylie Jenner’s Baby Is His!

Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy rumors hit the internet like a storm on Friday but it wasn’t until yesterday that the news was confirmed by CNN and later reported by E! News. According to the reports, Kylie Jenner is expecting her first child – a girl- with current boyfriend, Travis Scott. Kylie’s ex-boyfriend, Tyga took to his snapchat account to do something rather shocking. He claimed the baby was his!

Tyga shared a snap of the Twitter news article in which gossip site TMZ reported Kylie was pregnant, and added his own text to it, which read:

โ€œHell nah thats my kidโ€

Tyga followed his message with four devil emojis.


Tyga’s message came as a bit of a surprise as he stated in an interview earlier that he was no longer in love with Kylie and had moved on with his life. If that is true, then why did he feel the need to claim Kylie’s baby? Could it be his way of saying he’s not completely over her? That would make for one crazy famous love triangle as Kylie is currently [happily] dating rapper, Travis Scott.

Tyga deleted his snap moments after he shared it perhaps as an afterthought but that didn’t stop us from catching his message.

What do you think of Tyga’s snap? Love triangle or nah? Let us know in the comments.

Kylie Jenner Chooses Oversized Fashion After Pregnancy Rumors

The internet is still buzzing about the news of Kylie Jenner’s possible pregnancy with some reputable sources like TMZ claiming it as fact. Since the news broke on Friday, neither Kylie nor any other member of her famous family has stepped up to address it. Considering how big this story is on the internet and the massive media attention it has drawn from giants like CNN and E!, one would expect Kylie to disprove the rumors if they were false especially when she’s done so in the past for less serious rumors like when some reports claimed she shares underwear with her sister, Kendall.

Up till this moment, Kylie remains mute on the subject, heightening the already crazy speculations about her pregnancy status. When she shared pictures of herself hanging out with friends on BFF, Jordyn Woods’ birthday, all eyes went to her stomach for signs of a bump. Unfortunately, Kylie’s choice of clothing ensured no one could tell for sure if she had a bump or not.

In the first picture, Kylie is seen with her friends in a bathrobe and no makeup. She chose the outer edge of the picture and struck a pose that made it really difficult to tell what was going on around her midsection.


In the second picture, Kylie is out with her friends again, heading to iHeartRadio Music Festival night for a performance by her boyfriend, Travis Scott. Her choice of clothing for the outing is immediately glaring. Everyone else in the squad went for figure hugging attires but Kylie chose a baggy grey t-shirt, brown ‘House of CB’ trousers and white Nike sneakers.

The outfit completely obscured her midsection, making it impossible to tell if she has a bump already or not.


Kylie’s choice of clothing has sparked even more speculation as a lot of people on the internet believe her clothing choices have been deliberate.

Kylie shared another picture on her Instagram and Facebook pages to wish BFF, Jordyn a happy birthday. In this picture, she also opted for a baggy t-shirt paired with baggy trousers this time. She even flashed a bit of her stomach in the photo but it was done in such a way that you couldn’t really tell if there was a bump there or not.


After these pictures following the rumors, we believe one of two things can be true in this case. Either Kylie is really pregnant like the reputable sources claim, or she’s fueling the pregnancy rumors for some reason we’re yet to find out.

What are your thoughts on the pregnancy rumors? Let us know in the comments.


Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy Is Confirmed!

When the news of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy hit the internet on Friday, we decided to take a chill pill on it until confirmed, as a lot of people are known to speculate and spread fake news about the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

We know there’s still a lot of speculation on the internet about the news being real, as some people still don’t believe it but at this point, the news has been confirmed.



What? Yes, you heard that right. The 20-year-old reality star and beauty mogul is expecting her first child with boyfriend, Travis Scott and the baby is due to arrive in February. If you’re wondering what the gender of Kylie’s baby is, we have reports that Kylie is expecting a girl.

The news was confirmed a few minutes ago by CNN.

According to some reports across the internet, momager, Kris Jenner is “surprised” at the news which is probably the reason she hasn’t given an official statement yet.

However, we believe Kylie herself dropped a clue of her baby’s arrival on her Instagram page two days ago when she posted this picture. In the artwork, Kylie is seen holding a mini version of herself.


We think congratulations are in order for the expectant mom to be and her boo, Travis Scott.




Kylie Jenner’s Top 10 Sexiest Selfies Of All Time

When it comes to serving up hot selfies for the internet, Kylie Jenner is one of those celebrities who NEVER disappoints. With killer assets like her mind blowing curves and famous pout, the camera can’t help but be gracious to this sexy star with beauty likened to that of a goddess.

In this post, we will rank Kylie’s top 10 sexiest selfies of all time. We’ll describe each selfie and state why it got the ranking it did. Trust us, this is no easy feat as Kylie has tons of sultry selfies that will make your eyes pop… literally.

Let’s get to it.


Rank #10


This selfie is all shades of sexy. In this shot, Kylie almost covers her face with her cell phone but ensures she leaves just the right bit of her sultry pout visible to her admirers. Her toned abs are in full display as well as a sultry glimpse of her famous curves.

Rank #9


This selfie presents Kylie’s signature pout with a faraway look in her eyes that takes your mind to places you wish it could stay forever. Her sexy assets are front and center here, with her raised arm accentuating them even more. Definitely hot!

Rank #8


This selfie is just as bad-ass as it is sexy! Kylie backs the camera in this one with her face completely covered by her phone and her curvaceous butt is front and center. What’s hotter, the selfie was taken off the reflection from her car window. Definitely hot stuff. We like what we see here ๐Ÿ™‚

Rank #7


Kylie strikes a pose in this selfie, serving up her signature pout and famous curves but what has us hooked on this shot is that bad girl look she has in her eyes.


Rank #6


We have three words for this selfie. Yes! Yes! Yes! Well, that’s one word repeated three times but we hope it conveys the message. Kylie’s lips in this picture are begging for a kiss and that “ponytail pulling” she has going on with her hair simply sends us crazy. Combined with Kylie’s luscious assets and her killer curves, this selfie definitely deserves its spot in her top 10 sexiest selfies of all time.

Rank #5


This selfie is sure to send the hormones of any full blooded male raging. It is sexy in every sense of the word. From the sultry look in her eyes to the teasing bite she’s giving her palm, everything about this picture screams sexy. Kylie caps the shot off with a glimpse of her super sexy assets and we definitely love the tease ๐Ÿ™‚

Rank #4


What’s not to love about this teasing selfie. The blend of good girl – bad girl Kylie has going on here has got us going crazy and we’re sure we’re not alone ๐Ÿ™‚

Rank #3


This selfie is smoking hot! With Kylie’s famous curves and signature pout all dressed in red, this shot had to make it to the top 3.

Rank #2


There is something about blondes that make us want to scream “bombshell”. In this selfie, Kylie serves us her signature pout, wide eyes, blonde hair and those lovely curves that make us want to scream “Hell Yeah!”


Rank #1


This picture is smoking! We are completely blown away by Kylie’s serving of lace, mesh, and sexy curves. With her super toned abs in full display and her “non-camera-holding” hand in a place we can’t completely see, Kylie’s surely got our imaginations running wild. This shot definitely deserves the number 1 spot on our list! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

What do you think about our list of Kylie’s top 10 sexiest selfies? Got a selfie you feel deserves to be on the list? Post it in the comment section.

BFF Goals! Kylie and Jordyn Share The Same Pic Of Themselves On Their Instagram Pages

Kylie and Jordyn are best friends forever!

Right after Life of Kylie – the show the BFFs starred together in, they share the same pic of themselves on their respective Instagram pages. The picture showed the girls in similar black outfits and flawless makeup as always.

jordyn-woods-and-kylie-jenner-instagram-pickylie insta

Kylie donned a blonde look and captioned her post with the word “Bestie” accompanied by two smiley faces. Jordyn donned a darker shade of blonde hair and left her post without a caption. The BFFs wore similar black tank tops and struck the pose with a serious “no-smile” look on their faces.

Don’t we just love these two?

Kylie Jenner Wraps Up ‘Life of Kylie’ With Heartfelt Message To Jordyn Woods

Everyone knows Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods are BFF goals!

The girls are super cute together and have each other’s backs like none other. For the past few months, they’ve let the rest of the world have a glimpse into their lives and friendship in Kylie’s show, Life of Kylie. As the show wraps up, Kylie gets super sweet with a heartfelt message for her BFF shared on her Instagram page.


She accompanied her message with cute behind the scenes photos of herself and her BFF, taken while the show was still filming. From these pictures, it’s obvious the pair has had a blast and we hope they have nothing less in the future.


Definitely BFF goals!