Kylie Jenner Helps BFF Jordyn Woods Honor Her Late Dad

Losing a loved one is tough for everyone and those who’ve been there know just how true that is. Grieving relatives are usually at the lowest point in their lives and it takes the support and love of others to help them find the strength to hold on.

jordyn woods family

When Jordyn Woods lost her dad earlier this year, her BFF Kylie Jenner was right beside her to show some love. Kylie took things a little further by helping Jordyn honor her dad.

jordyn woods father

Jordyn’s dad had a passion for motorcycles so, Kylie enlisted the help of her own dad, Caitlyn Jenner to teach Jordyn how to ride, right after the model got a tatoo of her dad’s initial – J.

Jordyn took a moment to describe her feeling of loss stating, “Losing my dad this year, it still isn’t real to me. It’s still like that process of acceptance. It’s going to take awhile.”

The death of Jordyn’s dad also acted as a wake up call for Kylie who stated, “When Jordyn lost her dad, it definitely made me appreciate my dad a lot more. It was like a wake-up call that nothing lasts forever. We have to just appreciate the people that we love while they’re here.” This made her bond with Caitlyn even more.

Kylie also surprised Jordyn with a private bus tour of London during her photoshoot there. According to the 20-year-old lipkit mogul, “Jordyn looks genuinely happy right now, which is really rare these days, and it’s amazing.”

kylie and jordyn

It’s so great to see Kylie be such an awesome BFF. We hope Jordyn and her family find the strength to cope with their loss.


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