Kylie Jenner And Jordyn Woods Get Readings From A Shaman In ‘Life Of Kylie’ Season Finale Preview!

Wow! Is it the season finale of ‘Life of Kylie’ already?

Well, yeah… but don’t worry. Kylie’s got a number of things up her sleeves to keep you entertained until the show returns.


In the exclusive preview of the season finale, Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods visit a Shaman with Kylie’s momager, Kris Jenner while in Peru… and they get all personal with their questions when they asked for readings!


According to Kylie, “I think my mom thinks we’re a little crazy,” but that didn’t stop the lip kit mogul from asking about her personal life. The Shaman’s reply was short, sweet, and encouraging.

“It’s actually very good. There is one person that is very interested. You can see he’s already talking with you. Yes, he has good intentions.”

However, things get a little confusing when the Shaman concludes the reading.

“He’s inside, looking at you.”

With that last comment, Momager, Kris Jenner had to ask…

“Does it start with a T?”

Her question hints at Kylie’s current boyfriend, Travis scott. As much as we were waiting to get an answer, the Shaman avoids the question and takes Jordyn’s reading instead.

Things weren’t as rosy for Jordyn who’s reading came back looking bleak.

“There is no love.” The Shaman shocks everyone. “It’s gonna take time. They are there, but right now they are busy doing other things.”

What?! Yeah. But not to worry, Jordyn laughed it off. She’s probably just fine with the love of her BFF, Kylie Jenner at the moment.




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