Kylie And Kendall Jenner Launch New Clothing Line – Drop Three!

Do you love Kylie Jenner’s style? Perhaps you prefer Kendall Jenner’s or think both girls have amazing styles. Whichever category you fall into, you’re in luck! Kendall and Kylie have released another clothing collection – Drop Three – which is available now on Selfridges. London and online here.


The collection features trendy, sexy pieces for females, ranging from tee shirt dresses, to fur coats, silk dresses, high-heeled boots, hoodies and tee shirt – corset combos.

With pieces like the oversized shirtdress, Averie Over The Knee Boot, Chloe Fur Slide and Move On Sweatpants sold out, it is obvious this collection is a hit and you might want to get your hands on the items of your choice as fast as you can.

Other pieces are yet to be sold out at the moment but we’re not sure how long they’ll stay that way. If you’re thinking of grabbing one of these pieces yourself, head over to the collection now and be sure to take a well funded credit card along 🙂



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