Has Kylie Jenner Revealed The Sex Of Her Baby?

Fans on the internet are going wild over Kylie Jenner’s latest Snapchat posts, thinking the reality star has revealed the sex of her baby with cryptic messages.

The speculation began when the 20-year-old lip kit mogul shared a picture of three cinnamon rolls in a tin. This caused a wave of speculation with most fans believing Kylie was stating that the three Kardashian-Jenner sisters (Kim, Khloe and Kylie) had buns in the oven. Other fans claimed the picture represents Kylie’s own bun and a few went ahead with the theory that Kylie was expecting triplets – hence the three cinnamon rolls (although we believe this triplet theory is completely ridiculous).


While Kylie Jenner is yet to confirm or deny the news of her pregnancy and Kim Kardashian has stated that the famous family are not confirming the news, fans believe Kylie has cemented the rumors by posting pictures of herself in huge clothing that completely obscure her frame.

Kylie fanned the flames of this latest rumor by posting these pictures of herself in a blue, pin-striped button down t-shirt which completely obscured any hint of a baby bump in the reality star’s petite frame.


Kylie also posted another snap of her phone cases, randomly choosing the blue phone case over the pink ones. In the snap, Kylie writes… “Which one? I’m thinking blue.”

This choice has led fans to believe that Kylie is dropping hints that she’s expecting a boy instead of a girl as reported by TMZ and numerous other online sources.


However, TMZ maintains that Kylie is expecting a girl and not a boy.

Kylie’s choice of blue in both her oversized t-shirt and phone case had fans reacting with tweets like “So you’re having a boy??” “BREAKING: Kylie Jenner pretty much confirmed she is having a baby boy,” and “Predicting Kylie Jenner is having a boy based on her randomly choosing her blue phone case over pink on snap you’re welcome.”

Kylie also shared recent photos of herself on her Facebook page but once again, the shots were focused on her face and not her midsection. The selfies show the reality star donning a sweater (another oversized fashion choice). This begs the question – Is Kylie choosing oversized fashion out of choice or to conceal a bump?

Kylie’s older half-sister, Khloe Kardashian, also shared a photo of herself and Kylie on her Instagram page and we couldn’t help but notice Kylie’s huge lips. Despite the fact that the lip kit mogul is known for her famous pout, her lips are visibly bigger than normal in this picture. Can this be attributed to more fillers or to her pregnancy? You decide.


What do you think about these random cryptic messages and the other “pregnancy evidence” alluding to the fact that the reality star is going to be a mom soon?

Are fans going wild over nothing or is Kylie really expecting?



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