“Ghost” Shows Up In Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat Video

Kylie Jenner fans went crazy when they believed they saw a ghost in the lip kit mogul’s Snapchat video.

Kylie shared a video on Snapchat to show off her new purse closet and one fan pointed out a mysterious figure wearing a black hat behind the Life of Kylie star.


The unrecognizable figure looked like a tall, black silhouette floating behind Kylie. Of course, everyone freaked out, with most fans taking to Twitter to try and decipher the mystery behind the “ghost”.

Kylie quelled the fire by tweeting at her fans to tell them the figure was no ghost but one of her friends, Harry Hudson. She ended the tweet with a laughing smiley and two exclamation marks.


We are used to Kylie responding to fan questions like this and wonder why the lip kit mogul has remained silent on her pregnancy rumors, refusing to confirm or deny them.

At least, this ghost story is one mystery solved. We believe that the mystery of Kylie’s pregnancy will be laid to rest in no time.



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