Kylie Jenner’s Baby Bump Debut!

The world has been waiting and watching since Kylie Jenner refused to confirm or deny her pregnancy rumors. To so many fans, it was only a matter of time before everyone got to see the truth… special thanks to the paps who were sure to follow the reality TV star and lip kit mogul everywhere she went until they got a hold of her baby bump picture.

The special moment came during momager, Kris Jenner’s 62nd birthday trip when all the Kardashian women took a trip to Amangiri resort to celebrate mommy. A photographer released photos of Kylie just before she boarded the private jet with her family and she looked noticeably heavier in the shots, even with her oversized ensemble.



Kylie took to Twitter to accuse the photographer of photoshopping her pictures, posting this tweet which called out blogs/paps for forgetting the crooked lines in the background of the “Photoshopped” pictures.


The pictures Kylie posted along with her tweet was taken down but we got hold of the pictures she was referring to. In the spirit of fairness, we looked closely at the pictures for signs of the “crooked lines” Kylie referenced in her Tweet and we spotted the line on the silver car behind the lip kit mogul.

In some of the shots, the line looked crooked indeed just like she claimed but both the photographer and DailyMail confirm that the pictures posted were NOT digitally altered. According to the photographer, the pictures are “100% real. No Photoshop”.

Kylie’s reaction to her latest pictures fan the flames of her pregnancy rumors even more. She restricted her comment to her photoshopping accusation and never mentioned whether or not she was really expecting. This reaction tells us one thing for sure. The reality TV stars knows about the pregnancy rumors and is deliberately keeping silent on the topic.


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