Kylie Jenner Steps Out In LA Amid Pregnancy Speculations

Seeing Kylie Jenner in public has become an even bigger rarity since the news of her pregnancy broke on the internet. That didn’t come as a surprise as all eyes have been on the reality TV star in hopes of catching a glimpse of her baby bump. For some yet to be revealed reason, Kylie and her famous family have chosen to keep the speculations alive by choosing not to confirm or deny the rumors.

Kylie has also opted to stay away from the public eye, covering up her frame in baggy clothing every time she steps out.

On Tuesday, Kylie was spotted in LA, heading to a family photoshoot. The 20-year-old lip kit mogul was clad in a gray sweatshirt inside her Range Rover, tapping away at her phone.


There was no sign of her bump as her midsection could not be seen inside her automobile.


However, we noticed her slightly fuller face. Could it be as a result of her rumored pregnancy or the fact that the reality TV star was without makeup?


For now, the speculations continue.




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