Kylie Jenner Goes To Extreme Lengths To Hide Baby Bump!

Though Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy has been confirmed by multiple reputable sources, the reality star has chosen to keep silent on the topic, going to great lengths to conceal her midsection.

In the past, the reality TV star has been seen in baggy clothing at events where she was normally known to flaunt her sexy figure and has completely avoided answering questions on her pregnancy while reacting to other personal topics such as reported ghosts in her Snapchat video.

This weekend, the lip kit mogul posted some new pictures on her social media pages to promote her line of new makeup for the holidays and it was clear to see the extreme measures she took to conceal her figure. The star only posted super close up pictures of her face, with some pictures showing just half her face.



However, these measures didn’t sway fans who still believe the reality TV star is pregnant. Some fans pointed to the plumpness of her face stating that her face was very different in the past. One fan even claims Kylie is pregnant with twins!



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