See The First REAL Picture Of Kylie Jenner’s Baby Bump!

Hey, Kylie Fam. The wait is FINALLY over!


Kylie Jenner has emerged with what we know is the first real picture of her full body frame since rumors of her pregnancy broke last September. And just like a lot of fans thought… THERE’S A BUMP!!!

Kylie’s pregnancy sparked a lot of debate and controversy with tons of people openly stating they won’t believe the rumors until they get confirmation from the 20-year-old lip kit mogul or other members of her famous family.

With the famous family being so tight lipped about the situation, the internet went almost stalkerish on Kylie, with everyone trying to get a picture of her midsection. The reality star did a great job covering up her bump, preferring to keep her pregnancy away from the world (according to sources). Kylie became almost completely reclusive, rarely appearing in public or even social media.

To the delight of almost everyone of her fans, Kylie has FINALLY been spotted out in public for the first time in a long time. The reality star was seen at a construction site in Hidden Hills, struggling to get out of the front seat of her SUV. From the shot taken of Kylie it was clear to see a bump underneath her baggy black jumper.


After getting out of the car, the famous lip kit mogul was seen walking alongside BFF, Jordyn Woods while momager, Kris Jenner walked a few paces behind.

While it was clear Kylie was trying to conceal her bump with her baggy clothing (a trend she picked up since her pregnancy rumors broke), her fuller figure and baby bump were unmistakable.


Still think Kylie isn’t pregnant? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.



One thought on “See The First REAL Picture Of Kylie Jenner’s Baby Bump!

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