Kylie Jenner Hits 100 million Instagram Followers!

The Kylie nation is getting larger!


What’s not to love about a young, beautiful, and successful entrepreneur? Kylie Jenner has held up her own not just as an individual/celebrity but also as a business person.

Little wonder fans around the world can’t get enough of the lip kit mogul. That number hit a whooping 100 million on Instagram recently and we can’t help but say a big thumbs up to the inspirational “baby” of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Talk about winning!!!



Watch Kylie Jenner Play “Never Have I Ever” And Get Ready To Be Surprised!

Kylie Jenner got together with BFFs Jordyn Woods and Victoria to spill some juicy personal details in a fun “Never Have I Ever” game featuring tea mugs and Christmas sweaters.


While the game is usually played with alcohol, the reality TV star and her friends stuck with drinking tea instead. Kylie’s decision might have been due to the fact that she’s expecting or just a need to do something different with the popular game.

Not only was the game fun, Kylie spilled some major secrets about herself, sipping from her tea mug a whooping thirteen times!

Some of the spilled secrets include smoking a cigar, spending money at a strip club, brushing with someone else’s toothbrush (we suspect Kendall), admitting to have cheated (we wonder on who) and doing the walk of shame.

We also learned that Kylie never snuck a boy into her parents house, dated more than one person at the same time, or made out with a stranger.

Watch the fun video below.

Kylie Jenner Gives Thanks For “Babies” And Covers Up In Huge Denim Jacket

Kylie Jenner continues to string the world along when it comes to her pregnancy rumors. When she’s not in uber baggy clothing, she’s posting super close head shots to keep her figure hidden.


This Wednesday, Kylie posted a message for Thanksgiving, mentioning her family, friends, lip kit empire and “babies”.

While the 20-year-old star was referring to her dogs, people around the internet believe her word choice was deliberate.


Kylie also posted a couple of pictures to her social media pages to promote her cosmetics brand. The pictures showed the star in a huge denim jacket and another equally oversized sweater.



One thing is clear from Kylie’s recent pictures, though. The lip kit mogul remains drop dead gorgeous… pregnant or not.



Glam Queen! Kylie Jenner Looks Gorgeous For New Top Shop Ads

Kylie Jenner is the queen of celebrity makeup!


The 20-year-old reality TV star posed for ads wearing a full face of makeup for her cosmetics line, Kylie cosmetics.

Kylie’s hugely successful makeup brand which she built from scratch was previously available for purchase online exclusively but the reality TV star recently announced she was teaming up with Top Shop to open pop ups in seven cities between November 20th and December 20th, 2017 –  Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, Houston and Atlanta.


We couldn’t help but notice just how glam Kylie looked in the ad shots, living up to her Glam Queen reputation. Beauty certainly lives with Kylie.



Kylie Jenner Throws Secret Baby Shower One Day After Sister, Kim Kardashian West

Kylie Jenner is the new queen of secrecy as she’s been fantastic at it since the news of her pregnancy broke.

We are keeping up with the Kardashian-Jenner clan and this weekend, things got pink and pretty with two family baby showers!

Kim Kardashian West threw a baby shower for her third child, a baby girl whom she’s expecting via surrogate this winter. The beautiful pink-themed shower was heavily documented on social media with guests showing off Kim’s enchanting cherry blossom floral arrangement and her new fragrance collection for KKW beauty.


Several members of the famous family were in attendance, including Kylie Jenner who is rumored to be expecting a baby of her own. According to guests at Kim’s baby shower, Kylie covered up her frame with a jacket, making it impossible to spot her growing bump.

Khloe Kardashian is also rumored to be expecting her first child with boyfriend, Tristan Thompson but she didn’t look preggers in her beautiful gray dress as she stood for a portrait under Kim’s cherry blossoms.


According to a source, on Sunday, just one day after Kim’s baby shower, Kylie Jenner threw her own shower to celebrate the arrival of her baby girl. The lip kit mogul’s baby shower was kept under wraps in her Hidden Hills home, with not even a picture making its way to social media.

Kylie’s “pajama party” themed baby shower was very similar to the one older sister Kim Kardashian West threw in 2015 to welcome her son, Saint. Kylie’s shower was very pink, showing the gender of her baby.


As difficult as it may be to believe that Kylie would throw a baby shower completely off the public eye, the reality TV star has chosen to remain private during her pregnancy and doesn’t want to be photographed.


Several reputable sources including People and E! News have reported the Kylie Jenner baby shower news.

E! reports that according to an eyewitness, around 30 people traveled to Kylie’s backyard on Sunday morning for the baby shower which was “a huge production with hundreds of pink roses that looked like a wedding. There were pink rose petals scattered around the pool and the posts to the tent were all wrapped in pink roses. There was also a big wall of pink flowers and a little stage.”

Guests were given silk pajamas and slippers to wear before enjoying a waffle and omelet bar on one side of the event space. The other side included two large sweet tables with cakes and desserts.

Congratulations are in order for the Kardashian-Jenner clan and we can’t wait to meet the new generation of Kardashian-Jenners!


Secret Engagement? Kylie Jenner Rocks Huge Ring On Engagement Finger

It is official. Kylie Jenner loves keeping the public guessing when it comes to her personal life, teasing the internet with tidbits of juicy life events she knows everyone is dying to know.

This past weekend was no different. The reality TV star and lip kit mogul shared a snap of herself driving to older sister, Kim Kardashian West’s baby shower. What got the internet buzzing about the snap however, was the giant ring on her engagement finger.


Kylie’s snap showed her perfectly manicured pink nails on her steering wheel and the unmissable ring which sparked rumors that the reality star is secretly engaged to rapper boyfriend, Travis Scott.

Kylie Jenner Steps Out In LA Amid Pregnancy Speculations

Seeing Kylie Jenner in public has become an even bigger rarity since the news of her pregnancy broke on the internet. That didn’t come as a surprise as all eyes have been on the reality TV star in hopes of catching a glimpse of her baby bump. For some yet to be revealed reason, Kylie and her famous family have chosen to keep the speculations alive by choosing not to confirm or deny the rumors.

Kylie has also opted to stay away from the public eye, covering up her frame in baggy clothing every time she steps out.

On Tuesday, Kylie was spotted in LA, heading to a family photoshoot. The 20-year-old lip kit mogul was clad in a gray sweatshirt inside her Range Rover, tapping away at her phone.


There was no sign of her bump as her midsection could not be seen inside her automobile.


However, we noticed her slightly fuller face. Could it be as a result of her rumored pregnancy or the fact that the reality TV star was without makeup?


For now, the speculations continue.



Kylie Jenner’s Halloween Costume Is A Filter???

Everyone has been waiting for Kylie Jenner to make a public appearance since the news
of her pregnancy broke last month. Halloween would have been a perfect opportunity
for the lip kit mogul and reality TV star to put the pregnancy rumors to rest but unlike
previous years, Kylie Jenner ditched the ‘public’ Halloween scene.
While several other celebrities (including Kylie’s older sisters) flocked to social media to
show off their costumes, Kylie chose to remain indoors. She posted this picture of herself
posing with momager, Kris Jenner instead, and we can’t help but notice that her costume
is… a filter???
Yes. You got that right.
Kylie shared a Snap of herself in comfy sweats and a puppy filter, hanging out at home
with mommy.



What do you think of Kylie’s choice for Halloween 2017 considering the fact that she’s been ‘more out there’ in previous years?

One thing’s for sure. Kylie’s recent actions are fueling the pregnancy rumors which seem to be swirling even faster with time.

As always, we’ll bring you all the juicy details as they unfold.

Details Of Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott’s Houston Trip

We’re keeping up with Kylie Jenner and her boo, Travis Scott.

The love birds took a trip to Houston, Travis’s hometown, this week and they were spotted by multiple fans on social media.


Kylie and Travis grabbed lunch at MOD Pizza in Houston, coming in after the lunch rush, one source confirms. According to eyewitnesses, Kylie ordered a pepperoni pizza which was paid for and picked up by her guards after the reality TV star and her boo had walked out of the restaurant.

Eyewitnesses claim there was no PDA between the love birds during their lunch stopover but Travis was such a gentleman, going back into the restaurant to get Kylie’s phone which she had left behind.

Back in April, Kylie and Travis were spotted together at the Houston Rockets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game as well as a local mall in Houston. This raises the possibility that Kylie and Travis might be spending time with Travis’s family in his hometown.


The lip kit mogul and her rapper boyfriend made their trip to Houston barely one month after rumors surfaced that they’re expecting a baby together. While neither party has confirmed the rumors, spending time with one partner’s family definitely raises our eyebrows.



Kylie Jenner Settles Artist Who Claimed She Copied Her Work For ‘Life Of Kylie’ Ads!

Artist, Sara Pope sued Kylie Jenner in July, claiming the star’s show, ‘Life of Kylie’ copied her work for its ads without permission or compensation.


According to Pope, Kylie and her production team knowingly copied her 2015 artwork, “Temptation Neon” for profitable use because the images used in the Life of Kylie ads were very identical to hers.

Kylie’s ads showed highly glossed lips in a specific “lip bite” pose, ringed with a neon tube and dripping wet, which were very similar to Sara’s artwork.


Kylie settled the suit out of court on “confidential terms”, with the artist filing a notice of voluntary case dismissal over the weekend.

Since Sara Pope had withdrawn her claims “with prejudice”, she would no longer be able to bring up the case again.