Kylie Jenner Wraps Up ‘Life of Kylie’ With Heartfelt Message To Jordyn Woods

Everyone knows Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods are BFF goals!

The girls are super cute together and have each other’s backs like none other. For the past few months, they’ve let the rest of the world have a glimpse into their lives and friendship in Kylie’s show, Life of Kylie. As the show wraps up, Kylie gets super sweet with a heartfelt message for her BFF shared on her Instagram page.


She accompanied her message with cute behind the scenes photos of herself and her BFF, taken while the show was still filming. From these pictures, it’s obvious the pair has had a blast and we hope they have nothing less in the future.


Definitely BFF goals!


Hit By The Marriage Bug? Kylie Jenner And Jordyn Woods Argue In Latest ‘Life of Kylie’ Preview!

Has Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods been hit by the marriage buy? Everyone knows married couples argue all the time and most times, it’s for the silliest of reasons.

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods shocked everyone and perhaps themselves with their recent “accidental marriage” in Peru. The pair had meant to renew their friendship commitment but ended up getting married.

In the latest preview of Kylie’s show, Life of Kylie, the pair are seen having an argument over Jordyn feeling like she’s losing herself in Kylie’s life. Doesn’t that sound a teeny bit like a wife? We’ve seen Kylie refer to Jordyn as ‘Wife for life’ in photos before and this has got us thinking. Have the bffs been hit by the marriage argument bug even though their marriage is accidental?


According to Jordyn, “I just feel bad saying no to doing things because we really only have each other. I don’t want you out here doing stuff by yourself—that’s not fun. It’s hard for me to find the balance in my life.”

Jordyn seems so sweet even with the way she feels. She wants to get balance in her life but still cares for Kylie and wants to be around to support her bff.

Kylie was quick to defend herself, saying “I do feel like I do a lot of sh*t by myself.”


Tensions got a bit high in the argument but Kylie and Jordyn know that even through all the drama they still have each others backs. At some point, both Kylie and Jordyn couldn’t help smiling at themselves. How cute and couple-y!


Jordyn shared “I don’t want you to feel like I am saying you’re dragging me to these places because it’s all me. Even being around you I feel pressured. Not from you.” to which Kylie responded “We should all strive to be great.”

In the end, Jordyn reassured her BFF with “I need to be the best me I can be and you help me become the best me I can be.”

We find that super sweet and it’s clear to see that even through arguments, these two are the cutest BFFs around.

You can watch the preview clip of Life of Kylie on E! here.


Kylie Jenner And Jordyn Woods Are “Married”. What?

You have got to be kidding me!


Everyone knows Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods are BFFs so it didn’t come as a surprise when the pair decided to reaffirm their friendship by having a commitment ceremony in Peru. Momager, Kris Jenner wasn’t really into the whole ceremony thingy but she made it to the ceremony like the supportive mom she is.


The ceremony had a handful of guests and featured tons of candles for a very colorful and traditional event.

Kylie and Jordyn walked out one after the other, each wearing a matching head-to-toe all white attire. Kylie held a white lamb in her arms while Jordyn held a red bouquet of flowers.


As soon as the girls were together in the arena, the man presiding over the ceremony said the words “The rites to be married”.

rites to be married kylie jenner

If you’re freaked out to hear this, you’re not alone. Kris Jenner turned to Kylie’s assistant, Victoria and asked in a whisper…

“This is just a commitment ceremony. Does he know that?”

“I don’t know.” Victoria who looked equally as surprised as Kris replied.

The flipping out didn’t stop there. Kris asked if the marriage needed to be annulled after the ceremony and ended with “There’s no prenup! Fu*k!”



Kylie looked a little surprised as she turned to Jordyn but the pair laughed the entire thing off. Could the pair just be mischievous teenagers who planned the whole thing and tricked Kris into it?

Watch the season finale of Life of Kylie this Sunday at 9pm on E! to find out.








Kylie Jenner And Jordyn Woods Get Readings From A Shaman In ‘Life Of Kylie’ Season Finale Preview!

Wow! Is it the season finale of ‘Life of Kylie’ already?

Well, yeah… but don’t worry. Kylie’s got a number of things up her sleeves to keep you entertained until the show returns.


In the exclusive preview of the season finale, Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods visit a Shaman with Kylie’s momager, Kris Jenner while in Peru… and they get all personal with their questions when they asked for readings!


According to Kylie, “I think my mom thinks we’re a little crazy,” but that didn’t stop the lip kit mogul from asking about her personal life. The Shaman’s reply was short, sweet, and encouraging.

“It’s actually very good. There is one person that is very interested. You can see he’s already talking with you. Yes, he has good intentions.”

However, things get a little confusing when the Shaman concludes the reading.

“He’s inside, looking at you.”

With that last comment, Momager, Kris Jenner had to ask…

“Does it start with a T?”

Her question hints at Kylie’s current boyfriend, Travis scott. As much as we were waiting to get an answer, the Shaman avoids the question and takes Jordyn’s reading instead.

Things weren’t as rosy for Jordyn who’s reading came back looking bleak.

“There is no love.” The Shaman shocks everyone. “It’s gonna take time. They are there, but right now they are busy doing other things.”

What?! Yeah. But not to worry, Jordyn laughed it off. She’s probably just fine with the love of her BFF, Kylie Jenner at the moment.



Life Of Kylie Reveals Kylie Jenner’s First Kiss!

Every teenager looks forward to that moment when they get to experience the magic of ‘the first kiss’. They think about every aspect of the kiss, including the events leading up to, and the events right after the kiss. With their imaginations running wild and free… and the thousands of romance novels available to provide a stereotype, nobody expects a bad experience during the first ‘most magical moment’ of their life.


Just like the rest of us, Kylie Jenner was no different when she imagined what her first kiss would be like. At 15, the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan got her moment in the kissing sun but the magic faded faster than she could blink. The guy she shared what was supposed to be a magical moment with, criticized her for having small lips! What?! Yeah. He really did. What an a-hole.


Kylie Jenner revealed what the experience was for her in the latest episode of her show, Life of Kylie. The reality TV star opened up about the unpleasant experience to her therapist, stating…

“When a guy you like says that, I don’t know it just really affected me. I just didn’t feel desirable or pretty. I really wanted bigger lips. I ended up getting my lips done.”

According to Kylie, “I had really small lips.” But after getting criticized, it made her feel even more insecure about her physical appearance. In her own words, “I took that really hard.”

We get you, Kylie. Who wouldn’t?

One more time, Kylie’s show has lived up to expectations. It has revealed something new about the reality TV star that we didn’t know before. We can’t wait to find out what new secrets get revealed as more episodes of Life of Kylie air on E!

Taylor Swift Takes Down Billboard Overshadowing Kylie’s!

It seems the Taylor-Kylie face-off is over!


A few days ago, Taylor Swift took up a billboard to promote her new song, right across the street from Kylie’s billboard which was promoting her new show, Life of Kylie.

With Taylor getting a bigger billboard literally 50ft away from Kylie’s, the internet began to speculate. Was Taylor trying to start a face-off? Was she trying to make a statement with the size of her billboard? Taylor seems to have responded to these questions by taking her billboard down!

A recent picture of Santa Monica Blvd. shows that Taylor’s billboard has been replaced by another one advertising new music from Sam Smith.


With Taylor’s new song breaking records in downloads, it seems the 27-year-old pop star has gotten what she came for.

If you’re wondering why everyone believes Taylor was trying to make a statement with her billboard, she has a public feud with Kylie’s half-sister, Kim Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West. Taylor reportedly referenced Kim and Kanye in her new single with the intention to diss them but according to a source…

“Kim and Kanye don’t care about Taylor’s new music. They find it pathetic that she still tries to keep an old feud going. They are not going to give her or her music any attention. They have more important things to focus on, like their family.”

What caused the Taylor-Kimye feud in the first place? Well, things went down like this. Kanye West referenced the singer in the lyrics of his song, FAMOUS. Here’s what he said.

“I feel like me and Taylor might still have s*x. Why? I made that bi**h famous.”

Taylor came at Kanye for using her name in his song to which Kanye said he contacted Taylor before her name was used and the singer approved. Taylor denied ever approving it and that’s where Kim Kardashian came in. The 36-year-old reality star and hot momma posted Snapchat videos of Taylor approving part of the lyrics but not the second half of it.

Kim’s video evidence made Taylor look shady because she lied about approving anything and the pop star clearly didn’t like that. The result? She began feuding with Kim and Kanye.

So, when the internet saw Taylor’s billboard trying to overshadow Kylie’s, they didn’t stay silent.

Does the fact that Taylor took her billboard down mean she’s backing down? We’ll keep you informed as more events unfold.

Kylie Jenner Says Mom, Kris is “Scary” in New Life of Kylie Preview

Kylie Jenner stays true to her promise for her new show, Life of Kylie, by giving us some inside scoop on what her mom, Kris is like… at least, sometimes.

According to the 20-year-old star, Momma Kris Jenner was, and still is scary. This verdict came when Kylie asked her assistant, Victoria to find out from her mom if she could change her travel plans. They were supposed to fly to Peru together but Kylie wanted to fly to Miami first.

According to Victoria, “It was supposed to be a one-way easy flight but then I get a text from Kylie saying ‘Actually, I’m gonna fly to Miami. Can you ask my mom if the plane can pick me up?’ This adds five hours of travel time to Kris Jenner’s flight. No way. No way am I gonna ask your mom. Are you kidding? I was terrified of asking Kris.”

Victoria encourages Kylie to ask her mom herself but even Kylie was nervous about having to do so.

“I was scared of my mom growing up.” Kylie admits to the camera. She added “She [Kris] was really scary. She still is scary but now, we have more of a friendship.”

What do you think of “Scary Kris”? 

Well, in Kris’ defense, you can’t raise a billion dollar baby without putting your foot down sometimes… Okay. Maybe a lot of times.

What happened when Kylie finally called Kris to ask if she could change plans? Watch this Sunday’s episode of Life of Kylie to find out.

Kylie Jenner Helps BFF Jordyn Woods Honor Her Late Dad

Losing a loved one is tough for everyone and those who’ve been there know just how true that is. Grieving relatives are usually at the lowest point in their lives and it takes the support and love of others to help them find the strength to hold on.

jordyn woods family

When Jordyn Woods lost her dad earlier this year, her BFF Kylie Jenner was right beside her to show some love. Kylie took things a little further by helping Jordyn honor her dad.

jordyn woods father

Jordyn’s dad had a passion for motorcycles so, Kylie enlisted the help of her own dad, Caitlyn Jenner to teach Jordyn how to ride, right after the model got a tatoo of her dad’s initial – J.

Jordyn took a moment to describe her feeling of loss stating, “Losing my dad this year, it still isn’t real to me. It’s still like that process of acceptance. It’s going to take awhile.”

The death of Jordyn’s dad also acted as a wake up call for Kylie who stated, “When Jordyn lost her dad, it definitely made me appreciate my dad a lot more. It was like a wake-up call that nothing lasts forever. We have to just appreciate the people that we love while they’re here.” This made her bond with Caitlyn even more.

Kylie also surprised Jordyn with a private bus tour of London during her photoshoot there. According to the 20-year-old lipkit mogul, “Jordyn looks genuinely happy right now, which is really rare these days, and it’s amazing.”

kylie and jordyn

It’s so great to see Kylie be such an awesome BFF. We hope Jordyn and her family find the strength to cope with their loss.

Life of Kylie Premiere Ratings Were Great… Contrary to Popular Opinion!

Contrary to popular opinion, we believe the ratings for the premiere of Kylie’s show, Life of Kylie were great. The show averaged 1.12 million overall viewers which isn’t horrible by overall cable TV standards.


A number of critics have compared the show’s performance to that of her famous family including Rob and Chyna’s show, but we believe the show has done well for itself and can only get better.


Judging from the fact that Kylie’s Sunday premiere was up against Game of Thrones, we believe she did really good.

Do you agree with us or do you think the critics are right? Let us know what you think in the comments section.