Kylie Jenner Attends The 2018 Met Gala With Travis Scott!

Kylie Jenner has stepped out to a red carpet event with boyfriend and baby daddy, Travis Scott.

The lovebirds walked the carpet of the 2018 Met Gala beside each other sporting all black outfits.

While the theme of this year’s Met Gala was “Fashion and the catholic imagination”, Kylie kept things simple in a black tube gown with side zip detailing, a midsection cutout and a long train. She also donned a pair of sunglasses which were clearly not made to shield her eyes from the sun.

Travis donned a matching color in an all black suit with military inspired details.

The pair walked hand in hand and snuggled close to each other along the carpet, leaving the paparazzi staring and flashing cameras.

What do you think of Kylie’s outfit for this year’s Met Gala? Let us know in the comments section.


Kylie Jenner’s Holiday In Paradise.

Kylie Jenner proves she’s one super hot mama, showing off her amazing post-baby body during her birthday weekend celebration with boyfriend and baby daddy, Travis Scott.

The reality TV star took to social media to share pictures of her holiday in paradise. The starlet began with naughty birthday behavior, giving the finger to the camera as she cozied up to boo, Travis, who was staring lovingly at the lip kit mogul’s curvy figure.


Kylie shared another picture of her onesie swimsuit which hugged her perfect curves as she descended the stairs of a white boat.


In another shot shared by the beautiful reality TV star, Kylie strolled beside Travis along the beautiful coastline while a boat could be seen in the distance.


She also shared cute sunset pictures of herself standing on the beach, and paddling a raft. Talk about a holiday in paradise! We couldn’t help but notices the hot mama’s amazing post-baby bod. Kylie looked amazing just three months after giving birth to her daughter, Stormi.


Travis Scott Makes First Public Comment About Baby Stormi

Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend and the father of her adorable little girl, Stormi has made his first public statement about their daughter.

While walking to his car, paparazzi asked Travis how his little girl was doing and the rapper responded with “She’s beautiful.”

Just two words, but absolutely adorable.

Earlier this month, Travis’ girlfriend, Kylie Jenner confirmed her pregnancy by announcing the birth of her little girl. She also told the world her adorable tot’s name as well as the father of her child.

We wish the new parents nothing but the best as they chart this new course of parenthood together.



Details Of Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott’s Houston Trip

We’re keeping up with Kylie Jenner and her boo, Travis Scott.

The love birds took a trip to Houston, Travis’s hometown, this week and they were spotted by multiple fans on social media.


Kylie and Travis grabbed lunch at MOD Pizza in Houston, coming in after the lunch rush, one source confirms. According to eyewitnesses, Kylie ordered a pepperoni pizza which was paid for and picked up by her guards after the reality TV star and her boo had walked out of the restaurant.

Eyewitnesses claim there was no PDA between the love birds during their lunch stopover but Travis was such a gentleman, going back into the restaurant to get Kylie’s phone which she had left behind.

Back in April, Kylie and Travis were spotted together at the Houston Rockets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game as well as a local mall in Houston. This raises the possibility that Kylie and Travis might be spending time with Travis’s family in his hometown.


The lip kit mogul and her rapper boyfriend made their trip to Houston barely one month after rumors surfaced that they’re expecting a baby together. While neither party has confirmed the rumors, spending time with one partner’s family definitely raises our eyebrows.



Love Triangle? Tyga Claims Kylie Jenner’s Baby Is His!

Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy rumors hit the internet like a storm on Friday but it wasn’t until yesterday that the news was confirmed by CNN and later reported by E! News. According to the reports, Kylie Jenner is expecting her first child – a girl- with current boyfriend, Travis Scott. Kylie’s ex-boyfriend, Tyga took to his snapchat account to do something rather shocking. He claimed the baby was his!

Tyga shared a snap of the Twitter news article in which gossip site TMZ reported Kylie was pregnant, and added his own text to it, which read:

“Hell nah thats my kid”

Tyga followed his message with four devil emojis.


Tyga’s message came as a bit of a surprise as he stated in an interview earlier that he was no longer in love with Kylie and had moved on with his life. If that is true, then why did he feel the need to claim Kylie’s baby? Could it be his way of saying he’s not completely over her? That would make for one crazy famous love triangle as Kylie is currently [happily] dating rapper, Travis Scott.

Tyga deleted his snap moments after he shared it perhaps as an afterthought but that didn’t stop us from catching his message.

What do you think of Tyga’s snap? Love triangle or nah? Let us know in the comments.

Kylie Jenner And Jordyn Woods Get Readings From A Shaman In ‘Life Of Kylie’ Season Finale Preview!

Wow! Is it the season finale of ‘Life of Kylie’ already?

Well, yeah… but don’t worry. Kylie’s got a number of things up her sleeves to keep you entertained until the show returns.


In the exclusive preview of the season finale, Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods visit a Shaman with Kylie’s momager, Kris Jenner while in Peru… and they get all personal with their questions when they asked for readings!


According to Kylie, “I think my mom thinks we’re a little crazy,” but that didn’t stop the lip kit mogul from asking about her personal life. The Shaman’s reply was short, sweet, and encouraging.

“It’s actually very good. There is one person that is very interested. You can see he’s already talking with you. Yes, he has good intentions.”

However, things get a little confusing when the Shaman concludes the reading.

“He’s inside, looking at you.”

With that last comment, Momager, Kris Jenner had to ask…

“Does it start with a T?”

Her question hints at Kylie’s current boyfriend, Travis scott. As much as we were waiting to get an answer, the Shaman avoids the question and takes Jordyn’s reading instead.

Things weren’t as rosy for Jordyn who’s reading came back looking bleak.

“There is no love.” The Shaman shocks everyone. “It’s gonna take time. They are there, but right now they are busy doing other things.”

What?! Yeah. But not to worry, Jordyn laughed it off. She’s probably just fine with the love of her BFF, Kylie Jenner at the moment.