Kylie Jenner’s Hottest Pics After Baby Stormi

Our girl is on fire!

Kylie Jenner is undoubtedly the queen of the female celebrity cosmetics world but it seems that’s not the only crown the gorgeous 21 year old is going after. Since giving birth to her baby, Stormi in February this year, the lip kit mogul has been serenading us with hot picture after hot picture.

Take a look at Kylie in her latest Instagram post, sporting a black, leather number with a bold belt across her waist.


With her blonde hair held back and her flawless makeup, Kylie is certainly serving the lewks in this hot photo! What’s more? 3 million adoring likes prove she nailed it.

Kylie Jenner cemented her “Queen of Instagram Baddies” position with this photo where she paired a white number with some black and white thigh high boots and bad ass sunglasses.


Nothing screams SEXY better than this black and white photo with the reality TV star’s sexy curves in full display. 4.5 million likes on Instagram certainly look like a stamp of approval and we agree!


The queen of social media served us another smoking look with this picture.


It is safe to say Kylie Jenner is even hotter now, after the birth of her baby than before she even got pregnant. Do you agree?

We think these are the hottest pictures of the stunning celebrity in recent times. What do you think? Let us know in the comments. If you have hotter pictures of Kylie in 2018, feel free to share them in the comments below.




Kylie Jenner’s Top 10 Sexiest Selfies Of All Time

When it comes to serving up hot selfies for the internet, Kylie Jenner is one of those celebrities who NEVER disappoints. With killer assets like her mind blowing curves and famous pout, the camera can’t help but be gracious to this sexy star with beauty likened to that of a goddess.

In this post, we will rank Kylie’s top 10 sexiest selfies of all time. We’ll describe each selfie and state why it got the ranking it did. Trust us, this is no easy feat as Kylie has tons of sultry selfies that will make your eyes pop… literally.

Let’s get to it.


Rank #10


This selfie is all shades of sexy. In this shot, Kylie almost covers her face with her cell phone but ensures she leaves just the right bit of her sultry pout visible to her admirers. Her toned abs are in full display as well as a sultry glimpse of her famous curves.

Rank #9


This selfie presents Kylie’s signature pout with a faraway look in her eyes that takes your mind to places you wish it could stay forever. Her sexy assets are front and center here, with her raised arm accentuating them even more. Definitely hot!

Rank #8


This selfie is just as bad-ass as it is sexy! Kylie backs the camera in this one with her face completely covered by her phone and her curvaceous butt is front and center. What’s hotter, the selfie was taken off the reflection from her car window. Definitely hot stuff. We like what we see here 🙂

Rank #7


Kylie strikes a pose in this selfie, serving up her signature pout and famous curves but what has us hooked on this shot is that bad girl look she has in her eyes.


Rank #6


We have three words for this selfie. Yes! Yes! Yes! Well, that’s one word repeated three times but we hope it conveys the message. Kylie’s lips in this picture are begging for a kiss and that “ponytail pulling” she has going on with her hair simply sends us crazy. Combined with Kylie’s luscious assets and her killer curves, this selfie definitely deserves its spot in her top 10 sexiest selfies of all time.

Rank #5


This selfie is sure to send the hormones of any full blooded male raging. It is sexy in every sense of the word. From the sultry look in her eyes to the teasing bite she’s giving her palm, everything about this picture screams sexy. Kylie caps the shot off with a glimpse of her super sexy assets and we definitely love the tease 🙂

Rank #4


What’s not to love about this teasing selfie. The blend of good girl – bad girl Kylie has going on here has got us going crazy and we’re sure we’re not alone 🙂

Rank #3


This selfie is smoking hot! With Kylie’s famous curves and signature pout all dressed in red, this shot had to make it to the top 3.

Rank #2


There is something about blondes that make us want to scream “bombshell”. In this selfie, Kylie serves us her signature pout, wide eyes, blonde hair and those lovely curves that make us want to scream “Hell Yeah!”


Rank #1


This picture is smoking! We are completely blown away by Kylie’s serving of lace, mesh, and sexy curves. With her super toned abs in full display and her “non-camera-holding” hand in a place we can’t completely see, Kylie’s surely got our imaginations running wild. This shot definitely deserves the number 1 spot on our list! 🙂 🙂 🙂

What do you think about our list of Kylie’s top 10 sexiest selfies? Got a selfie you feel deserves to be on the list? Post it in the comment section.

BFF Goals! Kylie and Jordyn Share The Same Pic Of Themselves On Their Instagram Pages

Kylie and Jordyn are best friends forever!

Right after Life of Kylie – the show the BFFs starred together in, they share the same pic of themselves on their respective Instagram pages. The picture showed the girls in similar black outfits and flawless makeup as always.

jordyn-woods-and-kylie-jenner-instagram-pickylie insta

Kylie donned a blonde look and captioned her post with the word “Bestie” accompanied by two smiley faces. Jordyn donned a darker shade of blonde hair and left her post without a caption. The BFFs wore similar black tank tops and struck the pose with a serious “no-smile” look on their faces.

Don’t we just love these two?

Kylie Jenner Wraps Up ‘Life of Kylie’ With Heartfelt Message To Jordyn Woods

Everyone knows Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods are BFF goals!

The girls are super cute together and have each other’s backs like none other. For the past few months, they’ve let the rest of the world have a glimpse into their lives and friendship in Kylie’s show, Life of Kylie. As the show wraps up, Kylie gets super sweet with a heartfelt message for her BFF shared on her Instagram page.


She accompanied her message with cute behind the scenes photos of herself and her BFF, taken while the show was still filming. From these pictures, it’s obvious the pair has had a blast and we hope they have nothing less in the future.


Definitely BFF goals!

Kylie Jenner is Smoking Hot in Latest Instagram Pic!

Kylie Jenner is undoubtedly the queen of hot selfies! In her latest Instagram picture, the 20-year-old beauty mogul lived up to that reputation, striking a super sultry pose in a black mesh two-piece lingerie.


Kylie showed off her famous curves in the photo, with her sexy panties placed high above her hips. She covered most of her face with her phone but we could still see her beautifully done makeup and of course, her perfectly manicured nails.

Our verdict? Super Smoking Hot!!!